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Is Camel Milk the New Super Food or Food Safety Roulette?

Is Camel Milk the New Super Food or Food Safety Roulette?

Nature gave us this beautiful animal which is widely known to be the ship of the deserts. Yes, we are talking about Camels. And they are also known to be the providers of milk which is quite rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Many people in the middle east, Africa and Asia are dependent on organic camel milk as their primary source of nutrition. Even in the United States, this nutritional beverage is gaining popularity and the demand is increasing daily. Many people are turning towards camel milk and camel milk powder as their primary source of nutrition. Some are even calling it Super Food. One might say that organic camel milk is the new trend in the dairy world.

More About This Healthy Beverage

The health benefits of this beverage can be the reason it is gaining so much popularity. Apart from that, another vital reason is that camel milk is free from certain proteins that can cause allergic reactions. If you are not able to drink cow’s milk then you can easily consume milk without any digestive problems. Some recent studies suggest that it contains 5 times the vitamin C and 10 times the iron as compared to our ordinary cow’s.

In an investigation of the substance structure and wholesome nature of camel’s milk, scientists discovered degrees of sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, niacin, and Vitamin C was higher than in cow’s milk, while levels of thiamin, riboflavin, folacin, nutrient Bt12, pantothenic corrosive, nutrient A, lysine, and tryptophan were generally lower than those of cow milk.

Certain reports propose that milk is low in fat yet has a high level of unsaturated fats. Additionally, segments like long-chain immunoglobulins are found in the milk, which a few groups say helps support the resistance in the individuals who drink it.

Notwithstanding, the FOA information doesn’t show a distinction between camel milk and cow milk as far as explicit wellbeing claims by advocates.

Government law in the United States restricts food makers, including milk makers, from making clinical cases about their items. It is likewise illegal for makers to spread purchaser tributes about explicit medical advantages of the items. Such cases move items out of the food classification and into the medication class of the Food and Drug Administration’s ward.

Production looking for FDA endorsement for items professed to have explicit clinical or medical advantages should demonstrate those cases with examination and testing information that has been peer-assessed and met different necessities to guarantee wellbeing and adequacy.

Where can I buy Camel Milk?

For most of the United States, you will only see camel milk for sale online. It can be delivered directly to your doorstep. You can even buy camel milk powder online or from your local store and make camel milk at your home with the same level of freshness and nutrition.

What does it taste like?

Different people have different opinions regarding the taste of this healthy beverage. Some say that it is sweet some say that it is salty some say that it has a nutty hint to it and some even say that it is a bit smokey. Some even say that it tastes just like our ordinary cow milk. Apart from all these opinions, the fact is that the taste of the milk widely depends on the diet of the animal and how it is cared for. It also depends on the processes it goes through and how it is refrigerated. But even after multiple processes, camel milk powder still contains all the essential nutritional value found in organic camel milk.

If we talk about price them milk is far more expensive than cow’s milk. Because of the less amount of milk produced, the distribution facing a serious problem to meet the demands. It becomes hard to replace cow’s milk with this amazing and natural beverage.

Is camel milk legal in the United States?

In 2012, camel milk could not be sold in any part of the United States. But that’s not it. To legally sell camel milk all you needed to do was to comply with the state licensing requirements like all the other dairies. And also comply that you will ensure all the safety and health standards. For most of these states, the basic requirement was pasteurization to put camel milk for sale. According to some public health officials, it means to heat the organic camel milk to 166-degree Fahrenheit for about 15 seconds. This process kills all the viruses, bacterial pathogens, and parasites. These pathogens are seriously harmful to our bodies and can cause severe illness.

Raw milk, regardless of the animal

FDA has prohibited the sale and distribution of raw milk if the milk didn’t go through pasteurization. On a national level this law is applicable. In 2016 some of the states allowed raw milk to be sold at certain stores if it meets that quality standard. You will not just find organic camel milk for sale in any part of the United States without proper pasteurization.

Regardless of that milk advertisements are still a rare thing to see. But that does not mean that you will not see camel milk for sale on certain platforms. Every state has its own regulations and the supply of milk is dependent upon it.

Let’s Conclude This New Super Food

Camels do not use their humps to store water, they actually use them to store fat. Their respiratory system helps them cool down and also store water. The beauty of camels is that they have oval-shaped blood cells that help the water travel through their system efficiently. Their is widely popular due to the health benefits. The best part is that camel milk powder also contains the essential nutrition found in camel milk. Which makes it easier for you to make it at home.