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Camel milk powder not only contains the same benefits as liquid raw camel milk. It is also easier to store for a longer life span, and tastes just as delicious as fresh camel milk. 

To preserve the nutritional value, color, and taste of the fresh camel milk for sale in powdered form, we make it go through careful and intensive processes that is often reserved for heat-sensitive materials (ie. Proteins, enzymes, micro – organisms, and blood plasmas). So you can buy camel milk online from Beamhouse with the same nutritional value. Because Beamhouse is one of the most prominent name when it comes to buy camel milk online.

Transparent Milk

At Beamhouse, we believe in the production of quality camel milk powder. We use the best methods and techniques when it comes to making of our fresh camel milk powder. The process begins with freezing the milk and then we put the camel milk in a low-temperature vacuum. This preserve the nutrients in the camel milk when it is transformed into solidified powder form.

Camel milk has been a sources of power for thousands of years. It keeps you healthy and it is a vital source for strong growth. All we can say at this point is that the benefits of camel milk are endless. Organic camel milk powder is enriched with Vitamin B1 which takes up 70% of your daily recommend serving. It also contributes to all the mental functions as well as regulates your metabolism. Organic camel milk powder contains calcium which devotes to making your bones strong. In combination with a low sodium diet it helps your body to maintain a normal blood pressure level as camel milk is the source of providing phosphorus and potassium. Consumption of camel milk is very beneficial for the human body. And the best part is that camel milk is delicious in taste. With all these health benefits and the ease of making camel milk at home youll ask yourself where can I buy camel milk powder? Beamhouse makes it easier for you to buy camel milk powder and have it delivered to your doorstep.